Portal Solutions

Our retirement and benefit portal solutions are comprehensive.  Starting with our client's strategic objectives, we have developed tools that support every aspect of a retirement and benefits program. Our tools maximize engagement, make it easy to find information intuitively, and increase financial, retirement and benefit literacy.

For program managers:

  • Compliance
  • Communication
  • Data architecture
  • Reporting and analytics

For administration and support:

  • Administrative portal
  • Content Management System
  • Appointment scheduling

For users:

  • Access to at-a-glance plan information
  • Personalized guidance through alerts and notifications that mark milestones and "next best step guidance."
  • Personalized notifications
  • Allow quick and efficient execution of important financial and benefit-related tasks:
    • assign beneficiaries
    • change contributions
    • view funds
    • view fund performance
    • update benefit options
  • Educational content delivery 
  • Extensive tools to evaluate how close they are to their retirement goals
  • Evaluate whether they are fully taking advantage of benefit opportunities
  • Assist users making retirement and benefit planning decisions based on their background characteristics (ie by generational status, health, by age, by financial expertise, risk taking or risk aversion) and life events (ie close to retirement age, deaths).