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Custom Reports
We know it’s hard to get the information and reports you need.  As businesses grow software needs increase.  A startup company can get away using spreadsheets and accounting software for reports.  As businesses continue to grow and industry-specific software gets introduced then it starts to get complex.  Your business has a few disparate databases that don't talk to each other.  Spreadsheets are often used to fill the gap.

Our Solution
7sm works with your current systems to develop the right reports for you.  Our proprietary discovery process called “7sm Insight” is scalable and designed to identify your needs.  Using 7sm Insight we’re able to determine the best deliverables to meet your reporting requirements.

Our engineers are skilled in report development and speak your language. We’re committed to working quickly and effectively, to get you up and running on the kind of reporting functions you’ll need to guide your decisions and present your case to key stakeholders.

Like the best craftspeople, we know how to work with the full range of tools.  We are able to work with reporting tools such as Access, Crystal Reports, Active Reports, Tableau and other popular report writing programs. And we understand the value of to-the-door delivery, designing reports that work with your industry software.

The advantages of a reporting solution include:

Consistent Reporting
Together we establish consistent rules to guide the development of reports.  Every report follows the guidelines so you get consistent reporting.

Reduced Costs
Our reporting solutions decrease the amount of time your staff spends creating manual reports through spreadsheets.  We automate the reports so they run quickly and easily.

We make reports accessible to the people you want to receive the reports.  We have several methods to deliver reports to the recipients.  Your staff doesn’t have to manage spreadsheets being sent by email.

Our reporting solutions are part of a broader software program.  Reports aren’t in files being emailed back and forth.  Reports are produced in a secure environment where permissions are required to produce reports.








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