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Custom Dashboard Development
When custom management and reporting software is required, 7sm solves this need with custom dashboards that incorporate your unique business metrics.

7sm is experienced in the development and deployment of web-based dashboard applications that include unique operational measures and reporting features to meet specific business requirements. We provide businesses with an “at a glance” resource for displaying real-time business intelligence.

What can custom dashboard development do for you?

Business Analysis and Reporting Solutions
Over the course of time a company collects a large amount of data from the various business units. More times than not, however, this powerful information is not used to provide the insight about what works great and what doesn’t work for a company. Analysis and reporting are at the root discovering how to make your company more profitable.

Data Visualization through Graphic Data Displays
Analysis and reports are incredibly powerful, but, “a picture paints a thousand words.” Images provide a wealth of knowledge in a concise manner.

Strategic Planning & Management
With the information uncovered by the business analysis, reporting services and graphical displays, empirical data can be used to support decisions on the direction of the company.

Performance Management
Objectively assessing employees is always a challenge. By making use of data collected through the various systems in a company, true objective assessments become more realistic.

Custom Metrics and Scorecards
With the aid of a custom reporting solution a company can create and customize data and reports to suit their needs.

We give businesses the ability to pull meaningful data through a customized user interface. Let us help accelerate your business through advanced reporting and metrics.








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