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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the process of collecting and analyzing data from all units of your business so you can answer questions like “How much does it cost us to provide a service to our customers? How do those costs break down across departments? How satisfied are our customers? What characteristics do our successful projects have in common?”

Many organizations’ essential data is scattered across numerous spreadsheets, databases, and documents. In most cases, no one person has access to all of it.

When information is scattered like this, the reporting process often involves finding the one person in a business unit who can both locate and understand all of the relevant data. That person then collates and analyzes the data for whoever requested the report. Producing a single report may take hours or days.

This process is inefficient and error-prone. It makes it almost impossible for people to make timely, well-informed decisions. And it’s a poor use of employees’ time. Think about it. Who is tied up for hours or days at a time producing your most important reports? It’s often your smartest people.

Good employees have a level of knowledge, judgment and expertise that no computer can replace. Your employees are most valuable when they are allowed to use these skills to serve the company and its customers. They should not be saddled with the task of collecting and analyzing mountains of data from disparate sources. Let the computers do that work, so your people can work at a higher level.

7SM works with you to understand what information you need to make decisions that will improve your business. We start by identifying what information you are already capturing, and where this information resides. We also help you identify and capture important information that you are not currently collecting.

We build systems to unite data from all of your disparate sources into a central data warehouse that is accessible throughout your organization. We build solutions that enable you to generate reports and analyze data on demand, without having to involve your IT department or other employees.

Our business intelligence solutions give you instant access to up-to-date information, so you can make intelligent decisions and spend your energy moving forward.









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